Don’t let society lead to anxiety..!! 🙂

There might be few days or may be months (majority of us) went through anxiety attacks either knowingly or unknowingly..

Above written are the few major causes of anxiety… Nowadays, according to a survey majority of young adults are undergoing through severe anxiety attacks and I was literally shocked to know the cause behind it was majorly family and peer pressure..

Yes, since every coin has two sides.. Family is the biggest pillar for our achievements and success but it also has a bad side.. I have seen my own friend’s relative training her daughter to do all the things her elder cousin does and to scold her if she couldn’t do it better than her… What do you think what her family’s inculcating in her..

1. Jealousy for her own cousin or increasing her ego that she can never be the loser..

2.What if someday she lost, than what?? will she be able to accept her defeat..?? Most probably not because she always wins against her cousin.. Hence her family is bowing the anxiety and jeously seeds in her purest soul..

The motive of her family could be pure..

They want their child to be the best.. They want their child should compete and win and learn all the aspects of life.. They want their child to learn from her elder cousin but the way of developing personality may lead to conflict in future.. How??

The way of speaking her family is statement 1. telling her that you can never lose to your elder sister you are born to win.. Read the statement again..!!

Now statement 2. child you have to learn a lot of things from your sister and no matter you win or you lose but it’s important that you should learn everything..

See the difference in both the statements and if you find few families inculcating these values in their child try to stop them for future loss… Because it’s not possible to win every time and all of sudden to accept defeat is life threatening and thus severe defeat trauma leads to anxiety..

People should understand anxiety is really really traumatic.. Better late than never.!!

Thank-you so much for reading… I hope you liked it..

Always busy thinking what we don’t have… Ever thought what you have?? 🤔

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If not this, then what ??

Worried about plan B??

Being in the society and being social animals we are no wonder always answerable to all the societal questions??

“Log ka sochoge, toh log kya sochenge”

It’s a wonderful answer but this answer has it’s own expiry of just few minutes because afterall we all think of what people will say if I do this or if I don’t do this and peer pressure is always dancing on our head.

The biggest disadvantage of societal pressure is it sometimes leads us to the wrong way or on the way we never want to be?? As we say in layman terms Plan B..

It could be plan B for many things..lets not mention one by one coz it’s a long list..

Have you ever been in any such dilemma in your life situation??

Most difficult solutions are as below:

1. Whatever you choose you should always have a backup obviously dude what if you can’t get plan A.. No offense work hard for plan A but Plan B is your saviour if not this then what..?? You know all your friends will reach heights one day and if you couldn’t make it, which face will we show to people?? Huh..

2. No doubt Plan B always shows your inconsistency towards Plan A. It shows that you are not much loyal towards your goal.. Unsure and not disciplined otherwise plan b is waste of time.. Just live for today and have faith on Plan A.. And backup always makes you weak and will never let you get your plan A..

Uff it’s really soo confusing man…!!! Soo many people soo many opinions and soo many critisms but we can’t bounce them without passing by them… 😅

So guys what are your views for plan B??

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Suicide : Battle with yourself..!!

Every single day somewhere or the other we hear few news which makes us numb for a moment..

As we all know in this pandemic situation to get some news which makes us happy and brings smile on our face is a very rare thing..

Today while reading one article I read.. approx 8 lakh people died all over not due this pandemic but due to suicide… They were perfectly fit physically, but unfortunately you know noone can see what’s inside..we see a person physically and say- so fit he is… But you never know what’s cooking in his mental health..

So many people unfortunately committed suicide and you will be surprised to know that majority of the suicide were the reason that their loved one’s committed suicide so even they went on the same track.. 80% of such cases are from age group of (18-30) the future of the country group..

Harsh fact majority of the poor and middle income countries have highest suicidal cases.. And since many people lost their livelihood during lockdown they were left with no option so they thought of this option as the last one.. 😣

After reading this you might think but what can we do? Can we really do our bit?? Answer is yes you can

What can we do to control suicide as an individual?? Can we go and talk to each and every person out there who’s mentally suffering?? No, read below to get the answer..

Well I know to talk to everyone is impossible as a layman to us.. But we can do few things like..

1. In this pandemic situation we can take just take a effort to make our family happy.. Just say any meme or anything funny and try to make them smile.. You know laughing is best therapy to keep your body healthy.. And obviously if family is happy so as you are..

2. Instead of sharing some bad news or daily cases just share few funny videos with your social media friends so that atleast at that time they forget about everything else and just laugh..

3. Talk with your family, friends and neighbours and just try to know if they need something.. You know many a times people don’t want monetary things what they lack is someone to talk freely about little things in life.. Don’t let them feel isolated..

4. Meditate and advice others also to do meditation atleast for 10 minutes a day..

5. If anyone you feel are depressed and lonely suggest them to be out of it asap.. Cause depression and alcohol addicts form a major part to suicidal cases..

6. Don’t let anxiety and mood swings last for long… As they cause huge loss mentally..

It’s just my effort to make you all understand don’t let your inner sparkle dim easily.. And don’t fall prey to suicide and don’t let anyone around you fall for it.. It’s a difficult time for every human being.. Let’s be united.. Let’s come out of it in a more stronger way..

Thank you guys..!!

Darling..!! You are the best 🤘

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?? Start thinking about your day?? Or just start getting anxious about things happening all around?? Or just run and get angry on yourself saying ” Shit man today also I woke up late”.. All these things are the worst things you could ever do to yourself..!!

Suddenly you are like than what are we supposed to do..?? Right??

As soon as you wake up just smile and say to yourself ” I am the best “ you know why?? because all day long you might listen people criticizing you or intentionally hurting you or making you angry.. Well well..!! Everyone is not like that but still there are people around you who always want to let you down and constantly judge you..

So it’s very important to pamper ourselves.. You should know and believe that you are the best and don’t worry about the rest..

They ( judgemental people around) may say..OH MY GOD he/she is soo fat who will marry him/ her?? He/she is soo dark.. Use some fairness cream.. He/ She is little heighted you should have drank complan with milk.. Lipstick and all Haa pyaar ka chakkar ..!! Why coming home so much late, did you really attended classes Orelse.. ??Hmm hmm.. Ripped jeans, off sleeves?? Makeup, highlighted hair?? Tatto.. ??Uff you know kids nowadays just take few days to go on a bad track..

And these judgmental people will advice us and our parents .. Eventhough if we are not a bad track.. Since we got life only for one’s we have all the right to choose what we want.. Until and unless it doesn’t harms any of our values.. And so on.. They will constantly judge you all day long..

But what’s more important is don’t lose faith on yourself if you are right.. No matter what they say, believe in yourself and do it your way.. ND it will surely make you look confident and beautiful.. You are best..


Last but not the least.. People were, are and will judge you all day long so it’s your call whether to be happy by saying you are the best or just want to listen to people and harm your inner peace..

If your gut says it’s a right thing and it’s not harmful to you or to anyone else.. Than just go for it..

Okay once more just smile with me and say ” I am the best.. “

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What’s more powerful??

Today just had a sort of discussion with my family on what’s more powerful “hardwork” or “destiny”??

We had a long discussion and suddenly it turned out in debate and than quarrel 😂😂 because no one wanted to agree to each other’s opinion and as always at the end since I was losing the debate I said I don’t want to lose relation so I better lose debate.. My favourite punch line 😁

Highlights of discussion :

1. It all started by the video in which someone said if you work hard no one can stop you from becoming successful then suddenly one member popped up saying “just working hard is not enough work on quality rather quantity…” For instance. One person studies 10 hours still can’t beat the one studying only 4 hours.. Quality matters.. Smart work is important not hardwork..

2. This phrase became the root cause of debate since you know different generation, different opinions..!! ND then another member said ” you know what, it’s all in destiny..!! Only the person who has success in destiny will work hard that’s it..!!

3. No no.. Please stop it..we create our destiny by our deeds.. Lazy people like you depend on destiny and just sit like bean bag all day long😐.. And the offensive one’s.. ( fire in debate) 😅

4. No one can differentiate between smart work and hardwork until and unless you work… At least work man you yourself will determine smart one’s and find out ways..

5. I feel it’s all about golden period it’s a term meaning ( when your period is good whatever you do, you will become successful no matter you work hard or not) it’s all luck..

6. No no no you all are underestimating hardwork you know people working hard will become successful one or the another day..

7. Really then donkey is the most hardworking animal..why is he donkey then??

Oh my God…and debate Actually went long for one hour without any conclusion with all the pillows on floor or on each other’s face 😂😂

So guys we are clueless about it.. What are your views who’s more powerful hardwork or destiny??

Please conclude our debate 😁 and thankyou so much for reading till the end ☺

Being jealous isn’t classy.!!

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Let’s get straight with the title..99.9% people have a feeling of jealousy for one or another reason.

Do you know reasons of jealousy..??  No?? Okay..When I am here why fear?? 😅 I will explain you..!!

Root causes of jealousy:

1. You passionately love someone but they love someone else or they are inclined towards opposite gender and you just hate it and develop jealousy..

2. You want a particular thing eg. Car, phone, house etc etc…  Anything which you can’t afford or it could be something physically also like someone dances/ sings very well but you can’t and thus jealousy develops..

But do you know this jealousy will kill you one day.. Because it’s like a slow poison although we don’t feel it now but whenever we are envious we develop chemical reactions in our organs and if it stayed longer it will cause a great loss to our mental and physical health..

How to stop being jealous??

1. Accept the fact if you know that your loved one’s don’t love you either improve yourself or else find someone who loves you the way you are and just fantastically stop being jealous.

2. If you can’t afford something work harder and yes one day you will definitely be able to purchase it and if it’s something you can’t change than just accept it.  Acceptance reduces your utmost pain..

3. Just be happy whatever you have and of course workhard to develop. Don’t let unhappiness of jealousy take away the current happy moments from you..

4. Try to do atleast a new thing everyday so that you should feel you are the best and there is no scope for jealousy.

Thank-you so much for reading..I hope you liked my blog..

I would love to know any of your experience when you feel someone is jealous on you.. And how you responded to it??

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Clyclonic sky.. 🌀

A view just after a cyclone

Since we all know about high alert of Tauktae cyclone in India.. This is a view of sky just after Clyclonic winds and thunderstorms in Maharashtra (India)..

Yesterday night there was limitless winds along with dust and heavy rains..Many people suffered and had a tough time during natural calamities..

Normally in May month ( hottest month of the year) we have soo much heat but due to this cyclone we have not seen sunlight since from 3 days cause there are only dark clouds and windy atmosphere over here.. Many of the areas have red alerts and few have orange alerts.. There was a huge loss to trees as well many kaccha houses and all poor people suffered..

And yes a continuous power cut due to heavy rains is a difficult situation as many have online studies or either work from home..

Quote of the day..


Thank you for reading..!!

Mental health is disrupted😣

Who is mentally healthy?? Just give a minute thought how much for granted we took our mental health..!!

Does a person who looks happy externally is even happy internally..?? Not often!! The person mostly who looks very happy and keeps laughing are generally very lonely and sad internally..

Every individual has started doing something to improve their immunity..but have you ever wondered if you are mentally unhealthy than no foodstuff even can give you healthy life.. No doubt eating habits matter alot for your health but most underrated mental health is very essential..

This pandemic and all the situation outside has affected everyone mentally in some or the other way.. Although we keep ignoring this matter but it’s worth to discuss.. Don’t take your mental health for granted..!!

Keep yourself mentally as well physically healthy..Keep in touch with your friends and family.. If ever feeling low have a talk with them..

Just a quote –

Just because no one can heal or do the inner work for you..,

Doesn’t mean you can, should or need do it alone..!!

Thank you for reading.. What is the best way that you apply to keep yourself mentally healthy..?? Any tips?? Do share in the comment box..

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Thankyou beloved Followers.. We are family of 50 now❤

I m soo glad and grateful to all of you my beloved followers and to all the people who always like and comment on my posts and keep motivating me and thank-you so much for soo many lovely emails you keep sending me.. I am really unable to express in words..

Today I completed 50 followers online and 4 followers from email ..thats a total of 54 followers worldwide.. And all this could not have been possible without your love and support..

Just 5 months back when I started writing I was a nobb for blogging because this was a very adventurous ride for me but thankfully I tried my luck..I was a bit worried how will it go and will people like it and soo many queries where there in my mind.. All thanks to my (God) parents, friends and all my well wishers to support me by saying “cummon sakshi give it a try and trust me you can do it..!! ” I still remember in my college days I used backside of my book to write my thoughts..and one day one of my friend snatched my book and read my thoughts and suggested me to write it publically..But I was soo shy to write it but then now since in lockdown I was very anxious and after overcoming my anxiety I thought soo many people out there would be facing anxiety and demotivated during this pandemic, so why can’t I just do my effort to motivate them and bring a little smile on their face soo I started writing and it turned amazing by your support…!!

And afcourse a very big thanks to WordPress to provide this lovely platform and allowing me to make soo many overseas friends..

And one request if you feel any modifications or anything should be improved you can surely tell me and please always keep supporting and loving me the way you all are doing..And I am very hopeful to reach 100 followers soon..!! ❣️

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Why not to set a goal??

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Goal setting has captured a lot of focus in everyone’s life. Not just today but from ages.

Even a 5 y/o kiddo is been asked what you want to become when you grow up?? Kiddo may say doctor, pilot, teacher or something.. Can this be considered as the child’s goal in life?? No..right.. But why??

Because the child is unaware of other professional opportunities..

Don’t set goals instead set your aim – fall in love with the process towards your aim.. And the goal is all your’s.. Goal is based on your current knowledge and data..So tell me do you have knowledge of the whole universe..?? No, because no one can know everything.. Even at the age of 80 you will learn something from your grandchildren..

So setting a goal and dreaming for it day and night but not doing anything with full devotion is just a desire (which may never fulfill)..

Set your aim.. Love what you are doing, do it with full devotion and you yourself will reach to your goal.. 😎

Quote for the day,

“Aim for the moon even if you miss , you may hit a star..” – w. Clement Stone.

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What is life?? 🤔

Hello lovely people..!! Let’s read something what I feel and what daily thoughts I have about life..!!

Life is like a ice-cream,
Enjoy or don’t enjoy* it will melt,
No matter how much you dream,
Basic phenomenon is how you dealt,
Don’t just scream,
Enjoy the ice-cream (life) before it melts (ends).

Thank you for reading my blog..

Do tell me in comment section what are your views about life..what does life mean to you??

Brain never drains until you fall in love

Love is not what it seems..What is real meaning of Love? How do you know is someone really in love or it’s just infatuation? 99% it’s bloody infatuation..

Now-a-days people have made love just a source of fulfilling their ego’s, desires and status..!! How status?? Okay I will explain status like ” omg the hottest girl/ guy in the college, I will make him/her mine.. What if someone more hot than him/her comes.. Suddenly all the love vanishes..!!

Relationships nowadays are just like a tissue paper (use and throw) so beware before falling in love.. Atleast find a genuine person..relationships and lovey dovey stuff are not bad but it can surely make you mad..

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How it drains your brain??

What they talk is I can live without oxygen but not without you 😂😂Ohh really oxygen be like – Am I joke to you??

Never seen a beautiful girl like you..!! The guy says to her crush..but what that guy did before let’s have a look “Dear just now you were staring and winking for a girl” and inner feelings be like ” yaar ye toh meri wali se bhi jyada achi hai😂”

And soo many cheesy talks which seems insane..people call them brainless but they are so mad in love that they find it “Aww cute”..!!

Love suddenly becomes a barrier for your career, your mental heath, your family (when you start lying to your parents) and lastly very rare but true the reason for many people’s suicide..

Understand one thing the one who can lie to his parents who sacrificed so much for him/ her and made him/ her whatever they are.. If they can lie to them easily why can’t they lie to you??

Jo maa Bapp k hi nahi hue Vo aapke kya hi honge…

Love with your eyes wide open don’t fall prey to madness.. And never ever do anything on the cost of your family.. They will be the one to support you when you will be left alone by that person..

Love is all about caring, protecting and supporting you.. Love is not bad until and unless it’s on the cost of your self esteem and mental health..

Love at first site can only be with mother.. All the other things are just attraction..

Just heard of soo many people having relationship issues so thought of writing this.. I hope you all liked it. ☺

Thank you…!!

Don’t expect rather accept.. ❤

Have you ever wondered what’s the root cause of mostly all the quarrels??

Expectations..!! Expectations..!! And Expectations..!! Why do we expect and don’t accept??

We always want to change the other person. Have you ever thought of changing yourself ? No.. We don’t even want to change any of the small habit that we do but we want other person to do all the things we want.. Why man??

We are like see I share everything with you but you don’t share anything ..😥 maybe you don’t trust me ( emotional blackmail)..

I don’t talk to other girls / boys apart from you then even you should do the same.. (possessive one’s)..

I sacrificed so much for you…but you just don’t care..seems like you don’t love me ( drama queen)

There are so many illustrations as such mostly with immatured babu and shona..😁 (no offense)..!!

People will remain the way they are if you force them to change and become your way they will leave you.. Yes you can change someone if you want but don’t make them feel like you are changing them instead try to accept their thought process and slowly make them realize what’s wrong..just put yourself into their box and think.. Surely things will work..

Relationships are not one sided is just attraction..So better accept things whether good or bad and never expect anything from anyone…

Expectations will always hurt..cause they are never expectation done right, you will run for the next one and it goes on and on..!!

So better accept rather than expect..!!

Don’t blame people for hurting you, instead blame yourself to expect too much from them..

Expectations hamesha Aukaat Dekhke😁

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Be out of control but with control😅

Umm.. Hello peeps..!!

Quite confused by the title?? Okay lemme help you out with it.. When are we out of control?

When we are high😁

And when are we in control?

When we are sober..!!

Okay so what does the mixture of both terms mean? Seems insane!! Yes life is all about being insane.. Completely crazy for the things we want.. This is what the title mean do your work as it seems you are out control but actually in control..

All the successful people have worked beyond their limits and achieved what they want.. People call them insane ( out of control) but they were really in control (of their dreams).

This is possible only when we do the work we love.. Forceful work can never make you happy.. Although it can make you crazy but in different sort..!!

Quote of the day : When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is..

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“Journey from prediction to reality”

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Few people have a habit to wake up and see daily horoscope. Now it’s a conflicting matter to say whether it’s good or bad habit. It could be good if you take it as motivation and try your best to make it a good day even though your horoscope shows a bad day or vice versa.

Just few days back I heard my neighbour talking about his astroger session and said ” whatever she said actually happened in my life” “she told me that I would have diabetes few years later and it happened” now what are your views on it?

Future is what we are inculcating in our present. ” Jo boyega wahi payega” (English translation) ” As you sow, so shall you reap”

If you are having a sedentary lifestyle with a so-called normal stress then why only diabetes you could get any other disease. Of course I am not against horoscope or I don’t want to offend anyone our there. I just want to make you understand that horoscope is just a prediction and you have all the powers to change it by various affirmation techniques.

No doubt if something is written in your destiny it will pass unto you but few changes if you made in your lifestyle, thinking process, daily routine, and no doubt good karma it will surely reflect in your life and can surely change your destiny.

Life in simple terms is all just like a balance sheet -31st March (ending)and 1st April( opening) can carry forward profit and enjoy fruitful results or even can bear loss. So it’s all about what strategies you bring in your business. Now apply the same in life..

Horoscope is just a possibility, but it has no power to become reality until and unless you give it that control..

For reading more about how our affirmations and life things work you can read my related blogs through following link – “choice is yours” – ” Don’t mess up with your life”

Thank you for your precious time.. Do comment and let me know how was the blog..☺

Dear Fear Please Don’t Be So Near..!!

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Suddenly fear is becoming very dear to everyone. Which is surely not a good sign. This pandemic had affected everyone mentally and emotionally. Everyone had faced fear or are still facing.

Why only this pandemic we all have faced various fear striking situations in our life. Let it be like seeing a snake in park, going for an interview, meeting a guy/girl for marriage, giving exams, listening to some sad news or after listening our future by astrologer or tarotcard readers (acute fear) or fear of height , fear of crowd , fear of darkness, fear of water and many more( chronic fear) isn’t it?

Acute fear is okay but chronic fear really does a great damage to ourselves. Although we don’t feel that how fear is really spoiling our health but it is like we are daily digging a nail on a Ambuja Cement plastered wall.. How much hard it would be still one day the nail will go deep and spoil the wall completely and then it would really be difficult to repair it again.

All these phobias or meant to be worked upon.. And let’s lull to ourselves ” DAR KE AAGE JEET HAI”

And always remember to Dr Joseph Murphy’s words ” Do the thing you are afraid to do and the death of fear is certain”

Little bit of fear is normal and it is human tendancy but don’t let it rule your life. We are born only with two fears naturally “FEAR OF FALLING AND FEAR OF NOISE” all our other fears are acquired by us.

What are your views about it?? 🤔 do let me know.. Thank you!! ❤

Is being curious a sin??🤔

A curious brain..!!

The biggest debate now-a-days is for what we should be curious and for what not?? Who will determine? Society? Friends? Parents? No way!! Answer is obvious..cummon let’s find out the answer and break the stereotypical thinking about curiousity..

Since from childhood we all are taught “you would be able to learn only when you become curious” whenever you have a doubt raise your hand don’t be shy.. Being curious is a sign that you are listening.

Albert Einstein said ” The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing “.

We are always adviced to follow the 5 Ws principle why, what, when, who, where..

Then why do the hell when we ask for some logic behind few things, why are we told to shut up? Why are we told to do things as it is done by ancestors? Why aren’t we given a proper reason? To follow something is not bad I respect all the things done by elders but sad part is people don’t want to go deep, they don’t want to know the real reason, to follow and to blindly follow are different..

The point behind this is be curious. Being curious is definately a good thing. Don’t you feel researches would have been impossible without a curious mind.. Break the stereotypical thinking.. Be curious for things which really matter for you.. Let them call you cringe.. Be curious feed your curiousity don’t let them make you dumb.. I hope you got the answer for who is responsible to determine curiousity level?? Do let me know in comments section..

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Happiness is here..

Yesterday I saw one video while browsing and it just gave me goosebumps and I was literally at the verge of crying ( my mom says I m emotionless but I have emotions though😂 hence proved)

So the video started as one man was walking on the market street. Scorching heat and with mask and specs oh gosh tough to even buy essentials and all , so even that man was tired. He saw a tree and stood there to take some breath by that time he saw and child approx 12-13 years he was sitting there on the road, selling fruits. He was without shoes and his legs were almost red because of heat and all sweaty that child was waiting for customers. So this man went took some fruits and after that he saw a shoe shop nearby and took one pair shoes and gave to that boy. And you won’t believe that child was flabbergasted. He started happily crying and he stood up and said ( Thank you GOD) YOU ARE MY GOD THANKYOU..!!

The man was puzzled and said “beta me Bhagwan nhi hu me toh ek insaan hu” ( I am just a normal human being)

That boy smiled and said No uncle you are not a normal human being you are GOD yesterday only I went to temple and prayed to God to give me shoes since its very hot and my legs burn without shoes and today you brought them for me so obviously you are GOD..!!

That man got emotional and so as I.

Real happiness is here guys this is a different vibe when we get after doing something good to someone.

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Switch on the time..!!

Know your time

Time has a different perspective for everyone. You know how? Few people utilize 24 hrs and do things which a person never did in 24 years. Yeah so true na.. Quite harsh.. But yes this lockdown taught us how few people grabbed the opportunity to start something new and many of them lost something that they had.

Why few gained and few lost? Simply because they utilized the time. Many learned cooking, stiching, online language courses, online yoga, cleared exams, learnt something new and the list goes on and on.. 😁

Although it was a tough time for everyone. Many of them faced anxiety, depression, loneliness, and many mental tortures. Even I was feeling very anxious but since anxiety is not a very good thing so we should try to get rid of it as soon as possible and always remember a famous quote (one of my favourite) says “Time is like a river!! You cannot touch the same water twice because it already passed away with the flow thus is with time it never waits and never comes back..”

Since we take time for granted and always procrastinate things. We never achieve what we want and lose our targets. Value your time and it will value you..!!

Just a reminder:

“Waqt ko Zara waqt dekar toh Dekho kal tak yahi TOMMY KUTTA kehlaya krta tha..!!”

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Your friends = Your future

Yes yes yes..!! Indeed we all feel spending time with anyone is okay.. (timepass kr lete hai). But it’s very important to choose people wisely like I have already said in my previous blog “choice is yours” how our choices reflect our life and peace. link is here.. Do read

So we all know how our friends influence our future and our habits. There is a old saying one rotten mango spoils the whole basket of good mangoes and it’s hell true. Spending time with wrong people will make you doubt your values however your values would be really good..

We have already seen in sanju movie how one friend tried to make his life and another mar his life so choice is yours which friend you want with you🤔??..i hope you got my point. Our friends who are active and brilliant makes us feel that even we should be doing something to improve ourselves. Never take their smartness as an obstacle in your friendship or a reason for your jealousy or anxiety. Rather take it as a healthy competition. Get inspired by them and take it as a good challenge for your own improvement.!!

And always remember “A friend in need is friend indeed” if he/she left you when you needed them the most,never trust them again..!! As our great guru CHATTRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ SAID ” DAGA KABHI KISIKA SAGA NAHI HOTA”..

Thank you for reading..always keep supporting!! 🥰

“Choice is yours”

Pic credit: fab Quote. Co

It’s always our choice to choose,
We always say that “People come into our life for a reason”
But do you think you talk to everyone?
Do you give a place to everyone in your head or heart?
Probably not, right 👉 ?
So ultimately it’s our choice to choose .
One wrong choice and boom all your mental peace, your happiness, your faith, your trust everything gets lost..
Choose people, place, hardwork, lover, struggle, career, or anything which you can choose wisely..
Now don’t tell me you are not happy with your siblings😂 that’s beyond your choice, they are good bas “NAZARIYE KI HAI BAAT”
Well other than this Choose love..!! Choose life..!!Choose happiness wisely..!!
Don’t let your babu spoil your life..
It’s your life you have all the rights to spoil it yourself 😁
Okay okay..!! Jokes apart..
Choose everything wisely..and once you made your choice their should not be any regret, always take it as learning even if you failed, stand back and fight..
Choose with your whole heart even if you went wrong, learn from it and make your progress..

What your choice taught you?? I would love to know and if any bad experience you can share I hope I could help you out..

Journalizing is really energizing..!!

Journalizing basically means to write down your daily thoughts.. It could be either daily, weekly or else monthly. What you have to do is jot down your thoughts.

What I prefer is Journalizing daily because we can easily recollect what happened in a particular day rather than remembering of the whole week or more.

Simply what happened in your day. What you learnt, what challenge you took today, what made you a better person, with whom you had a talk and few highlights if they were important and great motivation or anything which made your day beautiful or any bad deed which made you feel sad..

🤔So guys you have a Journalizing habit? If yes then what made you start it and does it made any difference in your daily life? ❣️

An another day..!!

An another day is a blessing..
Which brings alot of guessing..

We make a daily plan,
We just plan plan and plan.
What actually needed is execution.
You know why?
B’coz this another day is one more chance to accomplish your dreams which approx 1.5 lakhs of people around the globe lost..
Umm you are lucky one’s..

So let’s get up, set up and jet up..

Make that another day , your dae..
Don’t spoil this beautiful day behind your bae..

Bring that sparkle again,
Never let it dim again,
Just have faith in your karma,
And just do what says your dharma.

” Daily motivation “

Stress: The unwanted guest..!!

Whether we know or not but we all welcome this guest called “STRESS” very often. And this guest is the villain of our life but since we have seen in all our beloved serials and movies the villain appears to be our best friend. And later in climax we get to know that he is the real mastermind behind every bad thing..just like that all the ill effects that we see in our busy lives , the major cause behind that is stress.

When we become jealous of others success and say “yaar iske toh majje hai, set hai iski life” we think that we are just saying and refraing anxiety but what are we really doing is we are getting stressed over other’s success.

Jealousy is just like a matchstick, you may burn other person but along with your own self..And that’s the worst part of it..

Boyfriend ne ditch diya..uff aajkal ka sabse bada stress..guys 75 aayenge 75 jayenge sath wahi dega jo papa dundke layenge.. So don’t stress upon such useless things..

Career stress God the real stress…okay to stress upon this is quite normal because of online lectures and offline exams we all have to undergo through this phase.. But let’s stop getting stressed over things beyond our control..just give your 102%. So that atleast you are not answerable to your self.. You should be satisfied by your performance. That’s what matters at the end.

Money stress again in lockdown many faced this and it’s a true stress but again you know if you are healthy you can earn and if you are not healthy then crores of money in your bank would be of no use. Paise se paisa kamana sikho and it would really bring wonders..

Social media stress, again people are really fake on media so stop getting stressed upon can get to know more about this in my blog “life is not so perfect as it looks on social media”

Stress is really unhealthy and leaves very harsh effects on life and can really spoil all our future plans..

So always we should keep ourselves busy in things that make us happy 😀

Life lessons from Chanakya Neeti

A brief introduction:

Chanakya proved that beauty is not only in skin. He was a solid mass of intellect, brains, creativity, originality, thinking process, statesmanship and mastery over skills in planning and diplomacy never seen in one person. His teachings can prove as a guide to make one’s life successful.

With the help of Chanakya the common man’s ordinary son ‘Chandra Gupta Maurya’ turned into India’s finest Emperor.

Let’s begin with the lessons:

1. A wise person should never give advice to a foolish person, never look after a woman who has a loose character and should never keep the company of a sad person who lost his fortune.

2. Do not live in a country that does not allow you, self respect, honour, means of living, a family, kith and kin, friends, well wishers, ways of education and self development. Quit such country. It is not fit for living.

3. The one who runs after an uncertain object leaving the certain one, does not get any. He loses the both.

4. Compared to males the females eat twice the amount of food, possess cleverness four times, display courage six times and have hunger for sex eight times.

5. The very Earth is heaven for one whose, son is obedient, the wife is faithful, and whose own heart is content with what money he has got.

6. The true son is one who is obedient to his father, a true father is one who looks after his sons, similarly true friend is one who is trustworthy and true wife is one who makes her husband happy.

7. A friend who talks flatteringly sweet things overtly bit covertly tries to harm should be gotten rid of without any delay. He is like a pot filled with poison but is topped with cream to deceive.

8. What plan you have thought of in your mind should not come on your tongue. Contemplate and rethink over it, keeping it guarded. Put the idea or plan into action without voicing it.

As a popular quote,”work hard in silence and let your success make the noise.”

Okay so now more Chanakya’s teachings I will post in part 2. Just follow his teachings and no one can stop you from achieving success.

Related life tips you can see in my previous blog “Don’t mess up with your life”

Let’s catch up in next blog. Thank you ❤

Veggies are multi taskers..!!

Apart from making us healthy what else veggies can do??

Here’s a glimpse..!!

Republic Day competition “salad decoration competition”

So this competition was on 26th January I m bit of late to post this but nevermind it was a lovely experience to participate in this competition and it brought so much happiness when I received 1st prize for this it made all our efforts worthy..!!

So basically competition has rules of using any 6 vegetables which has 3 basic flag colours as in you can see in above picture..

What I feel is we should always keep ourselves busy in something and learn new things..this was a new and cherishing experience for me.. We win or lose but we will always increase our self confidence in long run and that’s what is important ❤

Don’t mess up with your life…!!

To live a happy life remember few principles..

1. Giving too many fucks about unimportant things is bad for mental health. Whether you realise it or not it’s always our choice to give a damn fuck about what.

2. Pain and challenges are part of life and they teach us to live our life in better way. The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience and vice versa. Every individual has problems, don’t run from them instead try to solve them. The avoidance of struggle is itself a failure.

“Kehte hai na darr k aage Jeet hai” Problems ko face krne k time darr toh lagega but jeetenge toh maza bhi utna hi aayega.. Jeet k faad k aayenge ..!!😁

3. Life is about solving one problem and getting another. If you don’t have any problem then you will become lazy and sleep and what we say ” jo sovat hai vo khovat hai” (the person who sleeps alot loses alot of opportunities).

4. Someone can become great in something only when they are obsessed with improvement. The one who believes he knows everything can never learn. Uncertainty is the root cause of all progress and growth. Ex. Learn from a kid he falls again and again but still tries to walk because if he/she will not try and fall will never be able to walk.

Always remember you can “never win if you don’t play. “

And very popular saying “no pain, no gain”..

Karma is basically a feedback loop…

Don’t let your inner sparkle fade away🤗

Do you ever realise the life feedback principles…what we receive is actually what we give..just think why suddenly a person you didn’t even ask for suggestion comes ND tell you that “child don’t do this, you are going the wrong way” it’s basically your karma protecting you and on the other hand when you do something wrong in your business and incur alot of loss you know why?? Maybe because it’s your karma…

Okay let me be honest many a times we don’t feel wrong as wrong, we see it in a different way but wrong is wrong even if you don’t feel it’s wrong somewhere within your subconscious you know you are doing wrong to someone and some day it will come back…

Popular saying ” Dharti gol hai beta” (Earth is round) sab yahi ka yahi hai.. Acha bhi bura bhi.. (you have to face all your karma’s consequences here itself, it may be good or bad)..!!

Let the other person be bad but don’t do anything bad to him, his karma will make sure he suffers.. So better stay away from that evil person but you don’t try to harm him.. Because if you will harm him the feedback loop is over there itself and if not then God will create his feedback loop and obviously God’s feedback loop would definitely be better than what you did..

Loop is basically something that is continuous which never stops just same as your karma as long as you are alive your karma will be a continuous process..

You help anyone needy it’s your good karma and you hit a dog with pebble it’s your bad karma.. But whatever action you do in a whole day refers your karma…

So try to do a good karma atleast try to maintain a balance and your life will become more magnificent…!!❤

Honey do you have money💰

So guys we all usually listen people saying “Ye paisa toh bas hath ka mail hai” “rishte toh dil se hote hai”

Upar Likhi hui sari Baatein jhoot hai..These lines are false..These are fraudulent lines.. although the truth is harsh..

But as bitter things are always good for your health similarly truth although how harsh it is it’s good because it’s a mirror to the false hopes..

If you have money everyone will try to become your close one’s and vice versa.. ND one more thing people will talk to you only when you have money… Otherwise how much sweet you talk they will say “Abhi busy hu baat me baat krta hu” Aur yahi if you have money they are like “bro can I have your 5 mins”

Sabhi rishte naate ek taraf reh Jate hai jab aapke pass paisa nhi hota..log baat krna tak chod dete hai..

NO matter how much you supported them, helped them people will leave you if you don’t have money…

People will respect you only when you spend your money on them.. You throw parties and let them booze around…if you spend money they will love your company and if not they will ignore you like hell.. So don’t waste your time.. Now if your wasting your twenties in just dating, boozing, and chilling stop.. Start doing what you really want to do.. Do anything but do..

Let your choices be wrong this is your time to take risk..Take risks now orelse spend your whole life regretting…so better wake up and work..

ND logo ko Ghanta farak nhi padta…bilkul daya nhi better you make your own future..don’t depend on anyone and never blame anyone if you fail…just start working and make money..!! 💰

Always remember any watch can show you right time but watches like Rolex shows the time of the person wearing it..

“Better an oops than never”

2020 lessons..

Morning picture during lockdown..

Few lessons that we should learn for life from 2020..

1. Health is wealth..keep your immunity at it’s best..

2. Family and true friends are important.. Take care of them..

3. Meditation/ prayer is important although we ignore all these things in our busy schedule but they are important..

4. Eat properly, sleep properly, laugh properly and thus live properly..

5. Money hai toh Izzat hai… Money is very very important..paisa hai toh heathly rehne k liye acha kha skte hai.. Still you have time make money..

6. Nature is love.. Keep yourself close to nature..

7. Although we live in cities but we should have a home maybe a little one but a home in our hometown also (in our gaon)..

8. Live your life to the fullest and keep yourself away from stress..

9. Home cooked food as well as cakes are more healthy than outside one’s…

10. Vitamin D and vitamin C are crucial…

These are few things that we should remember and learn from previous year…

If you want to share something you learnt do comment 🤗

Memories that last forever…

Ek aisi jagah jaha nhi jana kehkar khub roya krte the…
Ek aisi jagah jisse chodne k pehle bhi kuch kam aasu nhi bahaye the…

Kyu nhi samje??

School ki baat kr rahi hu janab..!!
Jaha frontbencher chatur hota hai aur last bencher Rancho ye sikha…
Kisi ka tiffin chori krne se lekar jab dost tiffin bhul jaye toh uske sath tiffin share krna sikha…
Crush kya hota hai se lekar pehle pyaar ka nasha kya hota hai sikha…
Bestfriend ko jo pasand h usko Bhabhi bulane se lekar jab vo bhai ka kaat gayi toh “bhai you deserve better” “mera bhai angar baki sab bhangaar” kehkar uska dard dur krna sikha…
Dosto k sath group study me study nhi hoti se lekar bhai ab sath fail honge kehna sikha…
Audio visual room me ek line me chalne se lekar dushman ki taang me taang daalke usse girana sikha…
Late remark milne se lekar jaldi pahuch kar dost ki seat pakadna sikha…
Dost absent ho toh class suna lagta hai se lekar vo jab aaye toh usko bhut tease krna sikha…
Dost ki gaali/pyaar se lekar teacher ki gaali/ pyaar tak ka safar…
Teacher ko chugli krne se lekar unki chamchagiri krne tak ka safar…
Washroom k bahane jhoot bolkar pura school ghumne se lekar washroom me dost ki crush ka naam likhne tak ka safar…
Teacher se sikhne se lekar teacher’s day k din unki nakal krne tak ka safar…
Dosti, dushmani, pyaar, manners, Etiquettes, respect sab kuch sikhne tak ka safar…

Aaj yuni school ki baat chal rahi thi toh purani Yaadien taza hui..!!

Not today but maybe tomorrow..

Maybe today is not my day. .
It seems like what I planned for today was maybe not right…
I have faith in my God…
But still bit worried…
Not angry, not sad but in a sort of dilemma “what next..”
I know everything happens for good..
I know new opportunities will knock..
I know there are challenges in everyone’s life..
ND challenges are meant to bring better tomorrow..
Even after knowing all this it’s the fact that while facing challenges it’s difficult to be calm..
But the best part is you can see the true faces the real faces without any fakeness..
ND let’s say to ourselves not to fall just rise and shine and let your radiance make them feel ashamed..
Don’t say let their karma do it’s work and you do your work ✔️

Aaj waqt unka hai kal tera hoga…

“Waqt ko Zara waqt dekar toh Dekho kal waqt tera bhi hoga”

Emotion is devotion

Abhi baby pegion apni Udaan k liye Tayar hai.. So although I am happy but still not happy…confusing right… Let me explain…

Kai baar Hamara Khoon ka rishta nhi hota magar ek aisa naata sa Judd jata hai jo apno jesa khaas ban jata hai..toh aaj k Karib 25 din pehle mommy pegion ne do eggs diye meri balcony me..

Although m not a pegion lover but those cute little ones made me Aww… So I always used to come and see how the baby pegions are growing…every single day in morning I used to see, smile and put something to eat for mommy pegion and little squabs and even though pegions can’t speak they used to give me a cute look…umm I know pigeons are not cute but that look from their little too round to see eyes made me feel so good about them… So good about nature…and slowly it became a morning ritual to me just as warm water or brushing teeth is😬 and just like this we made a bond. A bond which is different but a bond is bond…

Just as we got emotional when our childhood’s first lightning shoes became smaller to our feet or when our first barbie doll lost her neck.. I got emotional when the baby pegion is soon going to fly..

Both the squabs were growing too fast.. And morning rituals of feeding and smiling too was going good but one day one squab fell down IDK how but when I came in my balcony I found only one then I got worried where’s the second one then I saw the squab below my balcony the gap was approx 6 feet from where I was standing but😣…. Now almost after 10 -15 days the second one grew perfectly and it’s ready to fly…

They really made the place dirty😂 but I saw the transformation from baby to grown up for the first time maybe because of this reason I may sound more exited and of course I have soo much time cause no college😅..

Aadatein bhi ajib hoti hai na lagne k Pehle takleef deti hai aur chodte waqt usse bhi jyada dard… Wese hi jese hum school Jane k liye roya krte the aur baadme farewell k waqt usse bhi jyada roye…

How to solve any problem

Have you heard from your best-friend “yaar problem ho gayi” and that too if it is in text and quick reply doesn’t come then you become soo anxious that you call your friend and ask “bro kya problem hua?”

This is the power of word “Problem..” But have you ever thought that few problems are good because when that problem scares you, it basically forces you to do something to solve that problem and if you succeed in solving than bingo..!! You improved or learnt something and it will lead you to become a better YOU.

Firstly there is no rational person who is problem free. Everyone has problems. And always remember people who show they are super happy always try to hide their problems.

So what is the solution..??

Simple find a new problem.. 😎 A new problem is definitely the end of the previous problem. Many times a solution to one problem also looks like an another problem..

Ex. If you want to become more rich this is one problem now to end that problem you need to work hard and put endless efforts now this can be considered as a second problem…

But surely second problem always solves your first problem – mark manson. All successful people had many problems in their life and by solving them they became successful..!!

Okay now it’s your turn..!! Think of your problem and try to replace it by new problem and improve yourself..

Life is not soo perfect as it looks on social media..

Okay.. So this is real issue what I feel is trending too much now-a-days because of which many are facing severe health issues. But what we see is not always what it is!!

Firstly “no one is perfect” and if you feel they are maybe they just remain happy in whatsoever situation they are or maybe they just never know… Just make a scenario in your mind when you went on a trip or maybe to restro with family/ friends or had a candle night lovey dovey dinner and you posted all those “all about today” captioned pictures.. What people saw is wow they are soo happy..such a perfect life…

But now let’s see BTS (behind the scenes) when they had fight my friend goes on a trip every week why m I soo unlucky and after 3 unsuccessful Goa planning you finally went to Alibaug…or it’s been ages you never took me to a retro and after a great fight and lots of crying and quarrel they went to restro…and now the power couple who doubts on each other’s loyalty and are at the verge to divorce but what we see on social media is just a bluff…have you ever seen a post today we had a crying and hitting session.. No.. Never…because we never post that!!

Okay again this is not the scene with everyone, some are really happy because they earn happiness by constantly going out of their comfort zone..!!

But not to forget there are few who just post for people and never really enjoy…its just a gentle reminder social media is good, it’s amazing but don’t let it ruin your mental health.. Don’t compare yourself with any celebrity or any brat or anyone who harms your peace… People are happy because they do thing which makes them happy…”Instead of becoming anxious why everyone is soo perfect and I m not, start improving yourself and kuddos you will become role model of many…”

“Media is cause, anxiety is its effect!”

Use social media wisely and you can do wonders!!

Vibes never lie..!!

Just a 18 y/o baby darling wondering what love feels like? Those butterflies, those hiccups, those telepathy, those nibba nibbi things is it so? The answer what I think is no…okay no offence “Sabka katega” atleast for once..but nothing is soo romantic as hyped in those novels or series or elsewhere..but ya it’s a different feeling..!!

But how to understand what that different feeling is? whenever you search how do I know whether I m in love with someone? Baby darling it’s the proof that you are not..

When you search Hey Google! How to know whether a guy likes me..? As there was a need for you to search it so.. Again nibbi that guy doesn’t like you. If you need to search it, the answer itself is No maybe you just need a justification..

When you are in love no one else will let you know that.. instead you yourself know it..

And then the baby darling is again in big confusion and she asks but he stares at me all day long..we have long eye contacts..he laughs at my jokes.. Hehe darling everyone has read the psychological facts of how to play hard and how to hit hard and so on..

So better don’t judge on that basis..

But.. Then.. How… I mean how to know then? So no love exists? – big dilemma for baby girl..

And den again I responded to what I feel -Love exists!! But not in those searches it exists in those vibes which you share..

Just close your eyes and baby think does he/she give you those vibes..!!

Okay aankhein bhi sach batati hai but I m quite bad at it or may be I get distracted 😂 So let’s go ahead with vibes.

Anything can lie, but those vibes won’t..!!”

New month…New beginning…!!

Hello peeps..!! 💁

Kai saare kisso se banti hai hamari kahani aur inhi kahaniyo se banti h zindagi suhani…toh chaliye chalte h ek aise safar par jaha hoga connection apke dil se mere dil tak… ❤

Me Sakshi Bhattar aapke sath kuch kisse share karungi, kuch apne aur kuch apnoke..kuch khatte toh kuch meethe.. Balance bana rehna chaiye na dosto 😛Kabhi hasaungi toh kabhi apne kisso se rulaungi ya fir kabhi sochne pe majboor karungi..

Ek naya safar hoga ye mera, mere doston sath dena.. Padhna aur padhna, hasna aur hasana, samajna aur samjana, kuch sikhna toh kuch mehsoos krna.. 😎

Aise kuch haseen afsane lekar aa rahi h aapki sakshi, acha lage toh batana zarur😍

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